BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN, 3rd Ed. is Minden's tactical naval rules system that simulates surface naval battles occurring from 1890-1945, the golden age of the battleship.  The system emphasizes historicity and playability.  Using any of the popular scales--such as 1/2400, 1/3000, or 1/6000--players can simulate is Minden's tactical naval rules system that simulates surface naval battles occurring from 1890-1945, the golden age of the battleship.  Ships are rated individually and authentically.

The rules come published as a book.  Its 110 pages contain everything you need to play--save for a pair of two six-sided dice, some measuring tapes, and sufficient floor or table space.  The core instructions common to the entire 1890-1945 period provide the basic game system.  Specific rules applicable to each of the three distinct eras represented--the Pre-DreadnoughtDreadnought, and World War II eras--give added detail and characteristics unique to that period, whether that be gun range, sailing formations, torpedo effectiveness, or any number of other factors.  Optional rules cover a myriad of topics, such as weather, merchants, mines, shore bombardment, command control considerations, ammunition expenditure, and more, which add layers of realism to the game without sacrificing playability.

BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN, 3rd Ed. is a complete miniatures gaming system.  The book (8.5" x 5.5" format) is illustrated, and contains standard and optional rules, all game tables, over thirty scenarios, individual ship ratings (over 375 comprehensively rated warship classes from 20 nations, 1890-1945), Designer's Notes, system rationales, and detailed examples of play.  You may play the game using your own miniature ships, or you can create your own, using the 108 1/3000 scale facsimiles provided within the book's pages.  Ship types include battleship, pre-dreadnought battleship, coastal battleship, battlecruiser, armored cruiser, heavy cruiser, light cruiser, protected cruiser, destroyer, destroyer escort, frigate, corvette, merchant, and armed merchant cruiser.  (See Ship Key, below, to see what the counters look like, and how ships are rated.) 
BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN 3rd Ed. has been designed to be authentic in feel, yet easy to play.  The 2nd edition of the game has been out of print for some time.  This edition adds some new features while keeping the essentials of previous editions.  A full set of 1,500 warship facsimile counters are available separately, in the BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN WARSHIP COUNTERS, 1890-1945 book, below.  Both are available directly from Minden, or via Amazon (in the USA, Canada, Britain, and Europe).  

BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN WARSHIP COUNTERS, 1890-1945 is a 76-page book (8.5" x 11" format) containing all 29 Battleship Captain counter sheets, rendered at approx. 1/4000 scale.  All told, 1,500 ship counters are included, along with instructions on how you can easily photocopy the facsimile sheets to convert to any popular scale, such as 1/2400, 1/3000, or 1/6000.  Essentially, you will decide which ships you want to create, photocopy the appropriate pages on cardstock, then mount and cut before play.

Pre-Dreadnought era counter sheets (#1-10, 23, 27), Dreadnought era counter sheets (#11-16, 24, 28), and World War II counter sheets (#17-22, 25-26, 29) are included.  The reverse side of the page of each counter sheet has been intentionally left blank, to facilitate photocopying.   Also included are instructions on creating your own counters, and a Reference section, with detailed summary of all counters and ratings.  (See below for sample 8.5" x 11" counter sheets.)

BATTLESHIP CAPTAIN WARSHIP COUNTERS, 1890-1945 is available directly from Minden, or from Amazon (in USA, Canada, Britain, and Europe).  Overseas customers should note, in particular, the postage savings they may obtain by ordering in your home country via Amazon.

(For gamers who do not like the idea of creating their own counters, a limited number of complete cardstock counter sheet sets are available.  But this is a more expensive option than buying the book, so keep that in mind.   Write to us (minden2 at hotmail dot com) for details.)
                  Sample counter sheets #2, #17, and #24 (destroyers and smaller type ships have half-sized counter).  Original sheets are 8.5" x 11".
Battleship Captain Game Series